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Building online engagement for a beloved specialty food market

iMac mockup of Adam's Fairacre Farms home page
iMac mockup of Adam's website mega menu
iMac mockup of Adam's Fairacre Farms website


Adams Fairacre Farms is an icon, a Hudson Valley landmark, a superb example of how a family business can succeed generation after generation by responding to customers’ needs. When Adams appointed Ashworth Creative for an update in design and content to increase time spent on the site and customer engagement at, the challenge was how to provide a compelling and deep site experience without clutter or too many buttons.

Plants inside Adam's Fairacre Farms
Macbook mockup of Adam's site
Macbook mockup of Adam's site
Macbook mockup of Adam's site
Macbook mockup of Adam's site


Members of the Ashworth team worked closely with Adams Marketing Department on a site plan that made effective use of Adams unique hand-drawn visuals featuring them big and bold. Another key development was the decision to make navigation simpler by grouping such things as the company history, store locations, and instructional videos under an area that we called, ‘Adams Central.’ Throughout the site there are lots of opportunities for the visitor to stop, look around, explore and learn more. Ashworth staff interviewed Adams department leaders in order to write content that conveys the unique atmosphere across the four stores and many departments.

iPhone mockup of Adam's site


“We wanted to engage our customers with in-depth information to meet the interests and needs of our diverse customer base. Our analytics show that the enriched site created by Ashworth brings us repeat visitors who stay longer.”

William Lessner, Marketing Director
Adams Fairacre Farms

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