We believe in strong relatable brands with benefits that clearly differentiate against competition. Ashworth Creative provides analysis and visualization to uncover the true essence of a brand. We can audit your brand, design new visual brands, build comprehensive branding advertising campaigns, support brand usage through development of environmental graphics, websites, style guides, and all communication. What does you brand stand for? Is it standing still or moving forward?

New Brands, Existing Brands or Brands with Specific Challenges
An important truth about brands is that they need constant nurturing to continue to exist. That includes a logo or brand mark that enhances communication of what the brand stands for, ongoing enhancement of the brand through advertising, marketing and promotional activity.

Creation of new brands is a special task. Unlike an existing brand, you are, to some degree, creating something out of very little. And it doesn’t happen overnight. At Ashworth Creative our international design and marketing expertise enables us to have a clear understanding of what is going to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Ashworth Creative has created new brands, refreshed existing brands and helped clients with unusual challenges.

Differentiating Your Brand for the Long Term – Brand Strategy
We all know examples of great brands – like Kelloggs, Nike, Apple, BMW or McDonalds. You may not love these brands but you know who they are. When you see advertising, marketing or promotion from these companies, it is adding to your cumulative impression of the brand. It doesn’t mean that everything is the same, but it is consistent. When we talk about brand and brand strategy, we’re talking way beyond logo:

  • Branding is what that you stand for
  • It’s the promises that you make to your customers
  • It’s visible in every marketing execution, every video, or print ad, website or email
  • Branding is being authentic, honest, and real
  • Branding is forming relationships with your target audience
  • Branding is overarching messaging that connects your brand with human emotions
  • Brand strategy is looking way ahead so that the brand you develop and nurture is always consistent.

Ashworth Creative helps brands understand their true character in every aspect of their marketing communications. Just recently we worked with a large healthcare group to help them define their size as a great advantage to their patients. We took their existing brand and enhanced it, and the reception has been highly favorable. It’s our nature and corporate culture to dig deep and help you to first uncover your brand, then devise the brand strategy that makes it meet your goals.

Let’s Explore Your Brand Together
We care about building and nurturing brands for the long haul. It matters greatly to us how your brand grows and how it communicates your difference. Connect with us to see how an Ashworth audit can offer an objective view of brand now, and create a strategy for great things to come.

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