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With a successfully developed logo, brand awareness can grow effortlessly.

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What does a Logo do?

Have you ever watched old cowboy movies about the Wild West where each ranch would brand their own cattle? The reason they did this was to mark ownership of the animal. At the very least your company mark or logo communicates ownership of a business and differentiates you from your competition.

Ashworth Creative Develops Logos

Each company has their own unique identity. A big part of that identity is their logo. This visual piece is an easy way for both current and future clients to recognize your company in the marketplace. Logos directly represent the company’s identity. We know that good design sells, so we actualize clean, simple and timeless logos.

Successful Logo & Tagline Creation

What you do with the logo and how you present it to your audience becomes the crux of your brand. Presenting your logo on advertising, marketing, packaging, products, websites, social media, etc. is the way to build brand recognition. With a successfully developed logo, everything you create and present becomes associated with your brand, either for good or for bad. Taglines are a single word or a phrase that neatly summarizes who you are and what you stand for. And they are not as easy as they look!

Why are Logos Important?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a powerful logo is worth a million. Your logo is the visual summation of your organization’s brand identity. An impressive brand mark is able to stand alone and be instantly recognizable – even if your brand’s name isn’t next to it.

Logo & Identity Development in the Hudson Valley

Ashworth Creative develops logos that perfectly fit the organization they represent. Our marketing team works with you to understand your goals, mission and vision, and our graphic design team translates this information into a custom logo design. The best logos resonate with your audience, stimulate pride inside and outside your organization and look amazing wherever they appear!

Our Branding Services

Logo Creation / Stationery Systems / Naming / Taglines / Style & Brand Guidelines / Brand Positioning / Trademark Registration / Brand Differentiators / Messaging / Brand Updating / Company Pitch Presentation

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