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Brand Creative Consulting

We offer a fresh perspective to tired in-house marketing teams

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Our Team Can Enhance Your Team

When your in-house creative department needs a little extra branding muscle, we can supply the goods and currently do to many Hudson Valley organizations. From art direction and video ideation to designing and developing brand standards or portals, our team can talk through best practices and work with you to create a vibrant expression for any project.

Branded Content 

In the world of SEO and internet marketing, not to mention print content is king. We are fortunate that we have in-house talent who are award winning content creation experts. The list of what we can produce is long and ranges from small writing to projects to consulting on large advertising campaigns including media buys. We can inject exciting ideas and original thinking working alongside your in-house team.

Branded Video Consulting

The medium of the age is branded video, it drives Search Engine Optimization, brand identity, social media success, leads and sales and engages diverse target audiences. We can bring years of experience in creating memorable and award winning video on-time and under budget. We have worked as consultants on video ideation and writing, video storyboarding, video production and video distribution. Our videos have increased sales as much as 70% in one month and generated more than a million of social media views. Just what your brand needs!

Reframing Brand Identities 

Clients who sometimes feel they have lost their edge come to Ashworth Creative to sharpen it. We dig deep, we interview key stakeholders, nothing frightens us and willingness to change inspires us. Our strengths include product definition, product delivery systems, brand audits, consumer attitude exploration and overhauling brand standards to represent companies as they are and as they hope to be.

Bringing in Happy Professionals

The Ashworth Creative team is lean but nice, our clients value us for our unique way of looking at the world while remaining calm, and ego free. We enjoy working with brands, organizations and unusual clients who care about results and pay close attention to their target audience.  We are exceptionally flexible and a look at our client list shows that there are few fields we cannot conquer. We look forward to working with you and helping to turn your business or project around. Call us when you’re ready 845 877 0410. 

Our Branding Services

Logo Creation / Stationery Systems / Naming / Taglines / Style & Brand Guidelines / Brand Positioning / Trademark Registration / Brand Differentiators / Messaging / Brand Updating / Company Pitch Presentation

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