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Video Production

At Ashworth Creative we develop captivating video content for all budgets that works with all brands.

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Storyboarding not Waterboarding

With upwards of ten years writing, directing, and producing experience under our belts, we have access to the area’s leading film crews, talent, photographers, audio/sound design specialists, and more. With visual communication at the forefront of all we do, our team leads the Hudson Valley in advertising campaigns with tactful and creative content, including the production of storyboards, scripts, and radio copy.

Providing the Production Crew

Producing a professional video for an organization is a complex task with many parts that require attention to detail. Ashworth Creative has the knowledge and experience to manage these moving parts during the process, which continues from pre-production all the way through to post-production. No matter what requirements you may have, our production team has the ability to handle them effectively and efficiently. Our mission is to create video content that will convey our client’s message with creative flair that will engage the viewer.

Hudson Valley Video Production

At Ashworth Creative, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with an impressive range of video production services at an affordable price. Whether you need a promotional video, event video, training film, testimonial or a commercial for television or digital media, our goal is to provide these services to our clients to help them to reach the audience that they are looking for. With the recent explosion of video on social media, our team knows the power that can come when the right video is placed on the correct social media platform.

Our Content Services

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