Marketing automation software platforms help businesses automate their marketing and sales engagement processes to generate and retain more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize ROI. Marketing automation allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as:

  • Sending emails
  • Maintaining social media
  • Tracking website interactions
  • Managing various other tasks

We Made the Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Initially, when we researched this field, we would get started and then find barriers to our full integration. It cost us time and money and the results were disappointing. But we knew the right choice could be a marketer’s dream:

  • Marketing automation centralizes all of the features and functions that make up the marketer’s role in an organization.
  • A marketing automation platform should have the ability to integrate with other sales & marketing tools (CMS, CRM, social media, meeting software, etc.) to provide a centralized hub for data management and analysis.

Then we made the right choice, the smart choice, and our business has grown, we’ve increased our brand profile and our analytics are going through the roof. Let us help do the same for you.

Marketing automation is quickly becoming a valuable tool for businesses across all industries. Using customer relationship management tools in conjunction with marketing automation allows you to streamline your sales and marketing efforts. The emails you receive daily from your favorite stores have been built in advance and scheduled to come to you based on purchases you’ve made or actions you’ve taken – now businesses of any size can do the same. Smaller brands are now taking advantage of the opportunity to reach their current clientele and generate leads using marketing automation and CRMs.

Marketing automation allows you to segment your audience quickly and easily. By dividing current and potential customers based on industry type, company size, geographic location, and how they engage with your company online can help you to identify the most effective marketing approach.

We Found the Right Solution for Us, It Can Help You Too

When we discovered the right marketing automation solution for us, we were ecstatic. It met our budget (which was not huge), it helped us track all of our activities so we knew who liked what we were saying, and clicked through to our landing page to learn more. It gave us a great ROI. But we realized that having great, affordable software to automate your marketing wasn’t enough. Marketers need help in loading the right kind of content into their emails and other outreach pieces and learning how to track the results. That’s why we became a SharpSpring Silver Certified Agency Partner, we can share what we’ve learned and help you simplify and strengthen your marketing efforts at one and the same time. At this point you can either read on, or call us at 845-877-0410.

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