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It All Begins With An Idea

The first step in using marketing automation is building your content. The most critical aspect of creating content is ideation, but it’s also the most challenging. That’s why the Ashworth Creative team includes professional writers. It’s easy to come up with an idea or two now and then, but coming up with ideas all day long is where the rubber meets the road. It also helps that we have a fascination for clients’ businesses, and that fascination sparks ideas for content that readers will find as interesting as we do.

Content For Acquisition And Retention

Content can be either emails, social media posts, sharing curated content, links to blog articles, or media (pdfs, audio and video, among others). The content you create should cater to your current and prospective leads throughout all stages of the sales pipeline. Be sure to follow-up with current customers to maintain loyalty. Show engaged leads that your product or service is of significant value to them. Personalize content for less-engaged prospects to build trust in your brand.

SEO Content Is Different

Writing for SEO is different from typical creative writing. That’s because the audience for SEO is initially search engines, then the searcher. By using certain words and phrases (keywords and sometimes long tail keywords), the content grabs the attention of search engines, enabling them to point the searcher to the content you’d like them to know about. Obviously if you only write to please the search engines, you may turn the searchers off, so the best thing to do is to try and please both. At Ashworth Creative, our SEO content writers have years of experience in juggling the demands of both sides of the equation, and we have the results to prove it.

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