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Creating Emails That People Want To Open – And Read!

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Serve Content According To Interest

Paying attention to segmentation of lists allows you to deliver specific content to your leads based on their interests. Dynamic fields personalize emails for the recipient, so you’re not just sending generic content. Current and prospective leads are met with targeted communication based on defined actions taken, such as filling out a contact form, or clicking through an email. This not only improves customer’s experiences, it saves time for marketing and sales teams to convert prospects into quality sales.

First Impressions Matter, Especially For Email Campaigns

A successful email campaign offers value to your readers – either educational or promotional. The subject line of your email is the deciding factor of whether your message gets opened or moved to the trash. Research has shown that 47% of users open an email based on the subject line. Ideally the subject line should surprise the reader or intrigue them sufficiently to have them make the next step – to open!

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What is your goal in sending this email? What action do you want your reader to take? If you make your call to action clear, and direct users to an important page in your site (ideally a landing page), you’ve completed a cycle of communication. Give users an incentive to perform that specific action, like a free download or a video link. Forms are the most important element on your pages as they capture your potential lead’s information. Every step in the communication should be engaging: the email, the call to action, the landing page, and yes – even the form! Don’t give your audience a chance to turn away. Be as direct and interesting as possible.

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