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Maintenance, Data, and Reports

Know Exactly What’s Working for Your Audience, and Why

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Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

When using marketing automation tools, data is the most informative way that the software demonstrates value. Data from emails helps you determine if your campaigns are generating a response: tallying unsubscribes, hard bounces, and spam complaints helps you tweak your contact lists so you can deliver the best content to the right audience.

Track Your Lead Journeys To Tailor Your Next Campaign

When you use a marketing automation tool like SharpSpring, you have the power to follow the “life of a lead” without having to manually engage with a potential client. With the right email campaign in place, you can observe which subscribers open your emails, which actions they took from the message (clicks and email read time, etc.), and what type of content appeals most broadly to your selected audience. Automated report tracking provides intelligent and comprehensive insight into what is or isn’t working, and the ROI of email campaigns.

Measure ROI with SEM Campaign Tracking

Marketing automation tools allow tracking of your SEM campaigns. You can track Google Adwords campaigns directly from SharpSpring and monitor how users interact with your site using Visitor ID.

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