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Attract Participants the World Over

The true beauty of a virtual event is in its ability to bring people together from across the globe, crossing boundaries, and giving your participants the chance to interact with others in a way they might never otherwise have had the chance to do. And if your company includes offices in different zip codes or countries, you can finally plan an event that suits everyone’s needs, even those who are reluctant to travel. With the right marketing strategy, your virtual event can expand far beyond the reach of your local audience.

Factoring Your Brand into the Equation

At Ashworth Creative, we market with integrity, and event marketing is no exception. Our clients repeatedly call on us to design campaigns that illustrate to others what makes their brand special, and we’ve taken those ideas and turned them into a comprehensive, event marketing guarantee, with ideas that work and concepts that get your participants excited about YOUR event.

Social Media

Don’t ever discount the value and power of a great social media campaign. When promoting your event, making use of various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, can not only attract participants, but it can serve as a means of communicating information to your audience about the upcoming event. Want to market an influencer who will be joining you or a prominent guest speaker? Social media is the place to do it. For Knit + Escape, we created a series of easy-to-share jpegs with relevant information for each of our social media campaigns, and sent them out to guest speakers, vendors, and instructors to share on their own platforms, effectively merging their audiences with ours, and expanding our reach.

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