Why Plan a Virtual Event?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have forever altered the way we do business, but at Ashworth Creative, we’ve taken the lessons learned in 2020 and transformed them into a sustainable and exciting new business opportunity. While it has certainly been a disappointing time for live business dealings, we’ve discovered that you don’t have to take all the planning and effort of an in-person event totally off the table: you can harness that energy and longing for personal connection with a completely virtual event or conference.

From a Getaway Retreat to a Fully-Fledged Online Community

We first started dipping our toes into the world of virtual event planning in 2020, when the knitting and fiber enthusiast retreat we had planned needed to retrofit in order to conform to local gathering policies. But what started as a disappointment quickly became a real asset, and our first virtual event in December was an enormous success. Our event, called Virtual Knit + Escape, amassed 627 signups, which resulted in 537 attendants in 78 sessions, which worked out to be about 25 students per zoom session. People loved not having to worry about booking a flight or making financial plans in order to connect with others, and we’ve since thrown two more highly successful and well-rated virtual events in the first quarter of 2021.

Redefine Your Reach and Eliminate Boundaries

The true beauty of a virtual event and the reason we believe they will long outlast pandemic-associated restrictions is their ability to shrink borders both domestic and international, and to do so cheaply. Gone are the days in which you need to organize hundreds of flight itineraries and synchronize watches in order for everyone to meet in the same conference room, and schedule a series of expensive “afterparty” events in order to keep participants continually entertained. Now, you can simply pick a time that works best for your organization and let our virtual event experts handle the rest.

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