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Virtual events are inclusive, immersive and very successful.

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Expertly Planned, Every Step of the Way

At Ashworth Creative, we believe that the secret to a successful event is in the planning. When we first began to toss around the idea of hosting a virtual event for Knit + Escape, we knew that in order for us to lay the groundwork of future, equally engaging and attractive events, we needed to nail down all the lessons we learned along the way and transform them into a true master plan. And that’s exactly what we did. We took the feedback, the successes, the near-misses, and everything in between in order to make the act of planning our virtual events second nature.

Coordinating a Team

There’s a lot more to planning an event than coming up with a great idea: you need the right team behind you with experience in every area of event planning. From moderating individual sessions on the day to keep things running smoothly, to sending out email blasts to participants, to writing social media copy that turns potential customers into full-fledged participants–there are a lot of hats to wear and shoes to fill.

Attention to Details Great and Small

Planning an event your participants will love requires a keen eye for even the smallest details. Missteps that seem inconsequential in the moment can morph into event-derailing catastrophes day of, and the last thing you want for your brand is to look like your team is making up the rules as you go along. Our planning experts take each and every detail into consideration before writing your event playbook, ensuring that every idea is handled to perfection.

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