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Video Ideation

Video ideation, such as storyboards and scripts, guides our video production, ensuring a timely delivery and a finished product that meets expectations.

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Compelling Concepts

Every great journey is guided by a map. A video production is no different. Our process starts with a set of carefully crafted storyboards and scripts, which are created in concert with our clients. That way, everyone has a clear vision of the end product, assets are exchanged on schedule, and clients can rest assured their video will arrive on time. That’s our guarantee to our partners: a smooth and pain-free production.

Oh, the Stories You’ll Tell

There’s an art to all videos and it’s one of our favorite ways to communicate. Video is a flexible medium that can adapt to a variety of purposes: internal or external messaging, sales, grant proposals – you name it. And the most effective videos tell a story. When we set out to produce a video, we’ve always got a beginning, middle, and end in mind. Often, we like to have an ending in mind, then work backwards. There needs to be a strong nugget of an idea in every video. It is possible to persuade people in 15 seconds, and it is possible to bore them in 15 seconds, too. The key to engagement is great ideas.

Where Do I Start With Video?

Why not put a face to a name? We like to film interviews with an organization’s key players, which adds value to a website. Not only does it introduce a member of the executive team, instantly enlarges viewers’ perception of what your company stand for, because the person on screen embodies your business. According to a recent Forbes article, embedding relevant content throughout your website encourages people to spend 2.6 times longer than on websites without video. What is important is that your marketing efforts and videos have integrated messaging so that each forms a piece of your overall story.

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