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Putting The Value On The Screen

We all know that time is money, and that especially applies with video. Although it may be tempting to produce lots of low quality videos, consider what you are communicating about you, your brand, and your organization. Making a good impression and creating an impact is more important than a flood of badly produced footage. A recent survey showed that low quality video causes 62% of consumers to have a negative perception of a brand. To put it simply, a cheap value makes your brand look…cheap. We prefer to produce good looking videos, but one that does its job and makes our clients look good.

How Will My Video Pay For Itself?

Your investment, if carefully scripted and produced, will help you build online conversions. If you include a video on your landing page, it can increase conversion rates by 80%. In email marketing, videos can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. Correctly coded embedded videos on your website will help boost your Google ranking, making you more likely to have first page placement. Keeping a lid on costs, but making sure your quality is high, can give you video content that reflects your company’s values and work output in a highly positive way.

Putting It All Together

When the aim of a video is to create attention, to change people’s minds, or to give them something to think about, good video editing makes the difference between a viewing experience that’s a winner, or just barely watchable. Getting the sound, visual and music right on video is as much art as science. At Ashworth Creative we’ve edited and produced videos on all sorts of subjects, from delicious tea to municipal waste systems, and lots of things in between. We edit and refine till we get it right and the results reflect our efforts.

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