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Experience Writing For A Variety Of Projects

When you partner with us, we put the full weight of our writing, design, and video production staff behind you. That’s decades of experience producing a variety of projects. Whether it is a commercial, documentary, short- or long-form video, or a clip on social media – we apply our best talent and resources to produce top-shelf video for our clients.

Commercials That Sell Products And Get Views

Viewers can tell a good commercial from a bad one. And too many commercials are dry, tasteless and boring. Treat your audience to a commercial with a splash of color and a tasty narrative. Partner with Ashworth Creative. We have a track record of producing videos that drive viewership and get results. Just check out our commercial for Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Documentaries That Inform And Excite

On their own, facts are an unsorted basket of figures, dates, and anecdotes. They need an expert hand to uncover a story that allows the facts to shine and hang together in a compelling way. That’s where we come in. We have managed to tell complex stories in ways that better inform their audience and generate positive feedback. For example, a municipality needed to cut down 50 trees that appeared healthy, but were actually infected with emerald ash borer. We did a short documentary video that was informative, got lots of views and, when the trees were cut down, nobody complained! Don’t produce just another documentary. Create something your audience will remember.

Our Video Services

Video Ideation / Video Production / Commercial and PR / Animation & Motion Graphics / Direction / Video Editing / Script Writing / Storyboards / Short-Form Video / Long-Form Video / Video Advertising

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