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What Are Motion Graphics?

In advertising, motion graphics are animated content, often combined with music or background speech, which is arranged to make the graphics look as though they are moving. This creates an eye-catching and visually stimulating way to tell stories, present concepts, sell products, and unveil new features that make your brand unique. At Ashworth Creative, our motion graphics and animated content make a visual impact consumers remember long after they’ve finished viewing.

Immediate Attention Grab

Have you ever found yourself stopping to watch an instant-play video on social media regardless of whether or not that topic is of relevance to you? The visuals caught your interest and stopped you from scrolling past, and you learned something new about a brand without seeking the information on your own. That is the power of motion graphics; with the right visuals, they have the ability to transcend consumer demographics, and attract an audience that may not have been on your radar before.

Repackage Your Ideas in an Easy to Understand Way

One of the most attractive features of using motion graphics in your brand strategy is its ability to break down concepts that are too complicated to explain using more static marketing methods. Humans learn well when presented with visuals, and even a short motion graphic video can go a long way to explain something that your company does better than your competition using graphs, illustrations, and clever design work.

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