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Environmental Design

We offer environmental design projects that are expertly developed around the human experience.

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What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental design combines many different design elements and disciplines such as graphic, architectural, interior, exterior and industrial design with the visual aspects of signage, direction and communicating identity and information. In many cases, environmental design involves the idea of creating experiences where people connect to a place or a specific location.

Creating Environmental Design

At Ashworth Creative, art, imagery, technology and communications are brought together to connect with the customer, increase brand awareness and contribute to the overall user experience of environmental design. Whether your needs are directional signage (wayfinding) for a new work environment, a trade show presentation, an exhibit design experience, or branded banner design to increase brand awareness, we have the skill set and experience to make your campaign a raging success.

Environmental Design in the Hudson Valley

Our environmental graphic design projects are developed to intentionally leave a lasting impression on the viewer when they encounter the design. Ashworth Creative’s objective is to not only to provide environmental design that identifies, guides and promotes but also to give solutions that directly embody the culture of your organization. Our signage and graphics projects are expertly developed around the human experience to increase awareness and success of your campaign.

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