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Having Video On Your Site Will Boost Your Site’s SEO

Video already has a major impact on search engine ranking factors which can safely be assumed will only grow in the future. While traditional SEO tactics such as link building are important, there is an even greater emphasis on creating high-quality content that will increase your site traffic and attract links naturally over time. If used correctly, video can be an extremely potent and valuable form of content and make a significant impact on overall SEO strategy.

Photos – For SEO, Size Matters

Photos on your website can impact the speed of your site. Images that are too large can cause a serious lag in site performance and load time. The image title, file name, and alternate text all play integral parts in improving your site’s overall SEO. The quality of the images is also important – high-quality photos and content reduce bounce rate by engaging users.

Writing SEO-Friendly Content That’s Reader-Friendly, Too

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the single most valuable thing you can do to make your website rank well on search engines. But let’s face it, using a bunch of keywords in a paragraph makes for a terrible reading experience. At Ashworth Creative, we do it differently. We know what Google looks at – headlines and subheads – and what online searchers are looking for. We create good, interesting, search-friendly copy that incorporates key words and phrases skillfully. Strong SEO content writing takes discipline and mental muscle. Our team of writers do the heavy lifting for you to achieve excellent organic search results.

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