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Keyword Research

Which Strategic Keywords Should You Target in Your Website’s Content?

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Reach Out and Grab Your Audience

Keywords are the driving force behind any SEO effort. Developing a keyword list targeted to your specific industry and audience will help your content reach exactly who needs to see it. We pull ranking reports for your site to analyze which key terms need to be optimized. We also assess your competitors sites to see how they rank in order to compile a list of relevant keywords to integrate into your site content.

Geographical Search Terms

A great way to start optimizing your site is with geographic terms. This is essential for businesses who want to stand out in their area, or to help established businesses improve their overall rankings and domain authority. Injecting local terms such as cities and metro areas helps users find you when they search related terms with “near me.” Geographic targeted terms are becoming more popular and more important as localized search is growing stronger.

An Investment in Future Success

It may be tempting to skimp on investigating keywords, you may think you know your business well enough to come up with them yourselves. Trust us, you may not be correct. One reason is that you have internal phraseology that you use for different aspects of your business. When someone is researching your company, they may not use those terms at all. But once you know the terms that they do use, you’re on a path to enhancing your search opportunities.

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