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PK-30 System®

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A manufacturer’s website that needs to be as smart, functional and elegant as its target audiences: architects and engineers

Engineering and fabrication brilliance coupled with minimalist design

PK-30 System is a meticulously designed and engineered aluminum demountable wall system that provides a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to divide interior space. PK-30 System wanted to appeal to a variety of verticals including Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Residential and the architects and designers that create the spaces that can be flexibly and efficiently divided.

Using animation for product demonstration

Whether you want walls, doors or partitions to slide, swing, fold or stack, PK-30 System offers innovative solutions. The website that Ashworth Creative designed and build uses movement, animation and stylish minimalism to appeal to the architectural, engineering and interior design communities.

Type, design and eloquent photography make the product the hero

The new PK-30 System is a great example of “less is more,” stripped down design. Ashworth Creative has a firm foundation in the world of design and this website was a great opportunity to connect with our roots, while taking a fresh and engaging look at the exquisite additions that PK-30 System products make to modernist interiors and interior/exteriors while not intruding on the interiors themselves.

Now you see it, now you don’t – animated navigation transitions

The Ashworth Creative design team wanted to maintain a simple color scheme that was orange, black and white. The PK-30 System logo includes nine squares arranged in a cube. We took this and used it as an animation to guide visitors to key navigation points in a very cool way.

An opportunity to showcase product by showing how unobtrusive it can be

PK-30 wall systems can be fully closed, and because they are glass and lightweight aluminum, they allow in light and vision, while blocking sound and effectively partitioning the interior space from other spaces. But the great thing is, they are barely noticeable, a huge advantage in today’s open plan workplaces. Because PK-30 System is used by excellent architects and designers around the world, the array of examples that Ashworth Creative could choose from was amazing, and a visual feast on the website.

Animation is fully mobile on mobile

We wanted the mobile experience to be just as exciting as the desktop site and so animation is featured and responsive on all devices. The clean, elegant look carries through to all mobile pages with the experience just as satisfying no matter what the screen size. Ashworth Creative (and PK-30 System) received a Gold Award from the Marcom NYX 2021 awards for the PK-30 System website.