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Graphic Design

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Whether we’re working on a website, a business card, or a billboard, graphic design is at the heart of all we do. We have the most talented team of graphic designers in the Hudson Valley and we ooze passion and artistic flair on every project we work on.

Logo Design

Each company has their own unique identity. A big part of that identity is their logo. This visual piece is an easy way for both current and future clients to recognize your company in the market place. Logos directly represent the company’s identity. We know that good design sells, so we actualize clean, simple and timeless logos.

Brand Naming / Tagline Creation

Like the name you were given at birth, the name of your company will come to represent everything tied to your business. When choosing and creating a name for your corporate identity or product, the new name should support your branding strategy, identify your product or company service, set your brand apart from your competition and position your company for success and future growth.

Brand Positioning / Brand Identity

Each time you communicate, you position your company. Positioning and messaging is the first impression your future clients have with your business. Ashworth Creative develops unique messages that clearly communicate your company’s function in the market.

Design Retainer Services

Your business is a powerhouse of innovation and growth. As it grows, so does your need to keep pace with a variety of branding needs including creative direction, advertisements, promotions, invitations, brochures, signage, and print coordination. With retainer services at your disposal, both creative and budget limits are lessened and our team is able to provide design consultation year-round.

Our Graphic Design Services

Naming / Logo Creation / Stationary / Taglines / Standards Manuals and Brand Guides / Brand Positioning / Trademark Registration