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The Right Image is Critical

Many businesses and organizations do not understand the importance of good marketing photos and how the right styling and consistency of the images convey quality across their brand. While stock photography is always a good go-to option, there are times when an image of the genuine article, a person’s portrait or a particular location is needed. Our team knows the impact that a professionally art directed image can have in engaging your audience.

Hudson Valley Photography Services

At Ashworth Creative we pride ourselves in producing beautifully designed communication and marketing materials from brochures and magazines to websites and applications. In order to create the desired impact on an audience, the right imagery is essential. Whether it is to be casual and friendly, sleek and polished or conservative and corporate, the right photography plays an integral part in your brand communications. Photography? It needs to be done professionally.

Smartphone Cameras? Forget it!

In the age of the smartphone, where many of us are constantly shooting and sharing photographs on the go, everyone is exposed to visual images of some form or another. While there may be some fine smartphone photography out there, let’s face it, most of it feels uninspired, lazy and unprofessional, before we even mention the resolution. When it comes to professional communication, at Ashworth Creative we know how things should be done and we know what it takes. In the area of commercial photography, smartphones are for talking.

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