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Marketing the world’s largest protein processor yields unexpected benefits

JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup
JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup
JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup
JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup
JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup
JBT Wolftec website iMac mockup


As the leading provider of protein processing technology in the world, Kingston, NY-based Wolf-tec wanted a responsive website that would showcase their complex machines, and do so in multiple languages. Working directly with the company’s owner and CEO, he had a clear vision of what he wanted in a website and honored his wish to leave behind their difficult-to-navigate old site. We streamlined the site map through IA, used easily comprehensible drop-downs and made a site that worked equally well in English and other languages.

large, silver protein processing machine
mockup of 4 iPhones featuring mobile-friendly version of Wolftec website


At the time we built Wolf-tec’s site, device-responsive websites were not the norm, and certainly not search engine mandatory. Yet the site we created for Wolf-tec has stood the test of time and has a fresh, modern feel and the confident stance of a leader. Crucial to this positioning is the use of Ashworth Creative photography that makes the factory and equipment look sleek and modern and doesn’t dwell too deeply in the protein processing which might not be as visually appealing. We understand how to communicate, no matter the subject or size of the screen.

Protein processing machine blade
JBT Wolftec print ad in magazines


When Google first stated that websites that were not mobile-responsive would be penalized in terms of their rankings, Wolf-tec was way ahead of its competition. Within a year of Ashworth Creative finishing the Wolf-tec website, we learned that the company had been acquired by the global industrial giant, JBT Corporation for $54 million. We’re happy to report that JBT-Wolf-tec still uses the website created by Ashworth Creative four years later and used the design palette to redesign the JBT main website.

Workers in yellow aprons processing chicken