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Does Your Brand Speak For The Industry? Increase Your Company’s Visibility With Regular, Targeted Blog Posts.

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Why Blog?

Effective marketing begins with a message: what do you want your clients to know? What sets you apart from all the rest? Blogging is long-form content which gives you a unique opportunity to discuss industry trends, pull back the curtain a bit and explain your day-to-day operations with a case study, or even test drive concepts that, if well received, can eventually become full-fledged marketing campaigns. When a well-written blog is relevant, accurate, and easy-to-follow, it encourages your client base to respond, whether it be through sales, a discussion or engagement, or a recommendation. A regularly-updated blog also offers additional opportunities for organic search, leading potential customers to your website and generating leads.

Targeted Topics

One of the most important aspects of blogging is finding the right subject matter. Here at Ashworth Creative, we have our ears on the ground at all times, and our content reflects our awareness of market trends. Understanding the audience you’re hoping to capture takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing a topic. With that knowledge in hand, blogs can be targeted to reach a particular demographic, giving your brand an edge ahead of the competition.

Enhanced Engagement

Audience engagement doesn’t end with a click. A catchy title and well-curated social media presence isn’t enough to keep the conversation going: it’s the content behind the social media post, a high quality blog, that makes sure the traffic stays on your website. Blogs are the meat of marketing automation; the destination reached through social media campaigns and email blasts. We understand how important it is to convert web traffic into sales, and a quality blog often leads to a quality lead.

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