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Ashworth Creative and Mobile Applications

A mobile application is a computer application (program) designed to run on a mobile device such as a tablet, mobile phone or even a watch. The mobile applications that Ashworth Creative develops are delivered to the user as web applications using server side or client side processing to provide an experience within a web browser. As we develop these mobiles applications, great consideration is placed on a long array of screen sizes with different hardware specifications.

Our Team Knows How to Make Your App!

While moving through the development process, Ashworth Creative also focuses on mobile user interface (UI) design. The interaction between the user and the device is always the central point of importance when developing a mobile app. Our goal is to design a user-friendly and easily understood interface. The UI experience of many mobile apps we develop takes into account the users’ limited screen space and simplifies many complex functions.

Mobile Development in the Hudson Valley

It is becoming increasingly clear that businesses and organizations are escalating their demand for mobile apps. Ashworth Creative has the full skill set of services to offer mobile app development for iPhone, iPad and Android. Our team has a great core functioning knowledge of working procedures, practices and methodologies in order to observe the protocols and and compliances that are required with many of the mobile application standards and policies.

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