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Day One Early Learning Community

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Encapsulating the aims of an affordable early childhood education program that benefits children, teachers and parents and the economy of the community it serves.

Award-winning website created for a unique early learning community

More than a few of Ashworth Creative’s websites win awards. But when Day One Early Learning Community’s website picked up a gold NYX Marcom award we were particularly gratified. The project is the product of the nation’s best minds in early childhood education collaborating to find a means to provide the highest quality early childhood education. This is a prototype to start children on a path to a lifelong foundation for learning.

Communicating the vibrancy of the project’s aspirations

Day One Early Learning Community’s mission is to train and place 200 early childhood teachers in Poughkeepsie, NY, who will receive a respectful wage. It will provide 300 children an affordable early childhood education that helps them enter kindergarten excited to continue learning. And it will help parents enter or re-enter the workforce, confident their children are thriving. The goal is to take the project national and the website Ashworth Creative wrote and developed is one of the most inspirational projects we’ve ever worked on.

Explaining why early learning is as important as college

Day One changes the futures of the children it serves. At Day One Early Learning Community, each child’s brain will develop vital neural networks that are the foundation for lifelong learning. From ages 0–5 (and especially 0–3,) it is essential that children receive enriching learning opportunities to prepare them to arrive at kindergarten at grade level. Ashworth’s design draws attention to the fact that every second, a baby or toddler’s brain makes over 1,000,000 connections.

Providing children and families with a state-of-the-art start

At Day One Early Learning Community every child will have everything they need to grow up healthy, safe and strong. The website communicates that the best preparation for each child’s optimal development as a learner and a human being begins at day one, and continues throughout the preschool years. Support services in early childhood are the ultimate “pay it forward.” Early intervention support is a gift. Day One will offer this gift to every child enrolled in the Teaching & Learning Center. It can change a child’s life, for the rest of their lives. Ashworth Creative are proud to be involved.