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Client: Kimaya

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The case: Kimaya offers an innovative approach to product sourcing based upon cross-cultural integration between their offices worldwide. With such a unique directive, Kimaya requested that Ashworth Creative create an identity and website that would unify their service mission so that the public could easily understand their scope of work. Our plan: The plan for the logo was to create a mark that embodied partnership and unity - simple and to the point. As for the website, our team's goal was to flavor the site with a cultural representation of each of their main office headquarters. With a simple flat black design and layout, the user would be drawn to nothing but the products and procedures of Kimaya. The result: Kimaya has now unified their purpose and is able to easily illustrate it to all of their new and existing clients. Through a concise and inventive logo and website, buyers are easily directed and more likely to purchase.

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