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Client: Anderson Center for Autism Restrictions Ad Campaign

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The case: On November 1, 2011 New York became the 29th state to require health insurance plans to cover services for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism for both children and adults. However, one day before the autism insurance law went into effect, the New York State Department of Financial Services implemented emergency regulations that redefined the credentials needed by providers to be authorized to receive insurance reimbursement. These regulations drastically reduced the number of qualified autism providers from approximately 700 to as little as 50 for the entire state. This change made it virtually impossible for families to find a service provider whose services would be reimbursed by insurance. This would not do. Our plan: We created a campaign that urged people to fight against these restrictions - one that would give a voice to those who couldn’t have a voice for themselves. The result: The campaign was short but captivating, and it garnered a lot of response. Fast forward in time, and the bill was overthrown at a state level. Yay!