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Writing SEO-Friendly Content that’s Reader-Friendly, Too

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the single most valuable thing you can do to make your website rank well on search engines. But let’s face it, using a bunch of keywords in a paragraph can be rather dreadful to read. At Ashworth Creative we do it differently. We know what Google looks at and what online searchers are looking for. We create good, interesting, search-friendly copy that incorporate key words and phrases in a skillful way. Strong SEO content writing takes discipline and mental muscle. Luckily, we have the writers to do the heavy lifting for you and achieve excellent organic search results.

SEO Copy Helps You Find What You Are Looking For

SEO content has to jump through a number of hoops. The most important hoop of all is helping the searcher find what they are searching for. Sounds blindingly obvious, doesn’t it? But if it were, everyone would do it and they don’t. We believe in writing that solves a searcher’s query, with as little confusion as possible. When you see how many leads well crafted SEO copy can generate, you’ll believe in it too.

What Do We Need to Know to Write Great SEO Copy?

It’s actually this simple: if you have engaging content that succeeds in solving the searcher’s query, you will get good SEO rankings. If you can write content that gets good rankings and which engages the reader to stay longer on your site, that’s another contribution to improving your rankings. Whether you are hoping to get your reader to take an action, or make a transaction, solving their search requirements will always help you succeed.

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