Client: Anderson Center for Autism Improving Lives Ad Campaign

Services Rendered:

The case: After the success of the 1 in 88 campaign that we created for Anderson in 2012, Anderson asked us to reinvent their brand image so that the community could better understand the services that Anderson provides to families with autistic children. Our plan: We wanted to show all the good that Anderson does, and how Anderson benefits the lives of the families it serves. We created a timeline and told the stories of Anderson patients ages 7- 42, showing exactly how Anderson helped them to progress. In addition to this, we created moving radio ads ads that were recorded by the parents of Anderson patients.
The result: Both the timeline and radio ads were very emotional, and they launched Anderson into the public eye. Anderson is now recognized as the leading authority on autism in the region, and they continue to change the lives of the lives of the families they serve.

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