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Ashworth Creative’s talented Public Relations team can effectively and strategically promote your company’s partnerships, projects and varied successes through deliberate and carefully planned marketing and communications techniques. With our help, you will establish a strong, reliable presence with the people you want to reach.

Research & Analysis

Our PR team will come to know your company about as well as they know themselves. They will come to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your business, your industry and how they can best work for you. Through research of industry media trends, target markets and your prior engagements with the public, they will be able to provide you with the best possible solutions and advice on how to market your business.

Writing Services

“For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” Eugene Ionesco said that but we believe it. Let us live the writer life and you live the business life. We have honed this skill in a number of genres but fortunately for you, we are particularly adept as crafting press releases, e-mails, story pitches, feature articles, ad copy, web copy, blogs and social media updates. If you need it written, we can write it and we can write it well.

Media Outreach

You run your business, we’ll run your media campaigns. We have a solid understanding of this industry. Through pro-active contact with journalists and media professionals, we will increase and maintain exposure of just about everything positive that you do. Should any negative press surface, we offer crisis management support via editorial services and media communications to protect the integrity of your brand.

Corporate Communications

Managing both internal and external communications strategy and implementation, we work closely with industry leaders to learn your brand inside and out. Whether communicated to the media, general public, employees or public figures, our carefully crafted messaging aims at generating a favorable point-of-view from all parties. Transparent, sensitive and mission-oriented communications are delivered tactfully and through the appropriate channels.

Our Public Relations Services

Research and Analysis / Media Outreach / Writing Services / Planning and Counseling / Social Media Campaigns & Management