Anderson Center for Autism 1 in 88 Ad Campaign - Ashworth Creative

Client: Anderson Center for Autism 1 in 88 Ad Campaign

Services Rendered:

The case: In light of the recent New York state Autism Insurance Legislation, Anderson Center for Autism wanted this subject to be the focus of their ad campaign, anchored by a simple, informational microsite and various signage. Our plan: The goal was to create a microsite dedicated solely to the Autism Insurance Legislation passing in the state of New York. It was to be concise and informative to the audiences that Anderson was looking to attract most: parents and doctors. By replicating Anderson's logo colors of green and blue, a sense of continuity would be carried out in the design of the microsite. Matching signage labeled "1 in 88" along with the site, would create consistency as a call to action while still running parallel with Anderson Center for Autism's main site. The result: Anderson Center for Autism's powerful ad campaign paired with forceful public relations behind all that they do, they've managed to become the most prominent care center for those on the autism spectrum from Westchester to Albany. Thanks to the highly successful 1 in 88 campaign, the influx in perspective families with autistic children and adults has been the highest it has been in years!

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