Ashworth Creative


Why Ashworth Creative?

Please forgive us if we ooze some of our passion on your new projects. We can’t keep it from spilling out onto everything we touch. We formulate creative solutions that focus on our client’s specific goals. We can provide you with everything you need, not just what you need right now. We think long term. You will have us there for the whole ride and you’ll enjoy it as much as we will.

Project Management

Project management involves planning, design, and production. At Ashworth Creative, we have in-house project managers that tackle all phases of the design process. Our project managers:

  • Research printing, paper and online vendors, and nail down specs and cost.
  • Schedule and coordinate the activities of the writers, designers, photographers, image setters, printers, binders and couriers. After the schedules are confirmed, they are tracked to be sure that no one drops the ball.
  • Utilize quality control measures to stay on track and within budget.

Design Discovery

Design Discovery was created to extract information directly from the client about the audience’s goals and approach. This allows us to design specifically based on the client’s needs and wants. This process also defines the existing branding standards or offline marketing already in place which should be followed. The design process is an integral part of developing your web site, branding or marketing campaign. While this can be the most fun part of the redesigning process, it can also be the most challenging. We begin projects with an end goal in mind and we lay out how to get there step-by-step. We understand that our clients like to know what comes next at any point in time and having these processes in place allows us to keep our clients informed. These stepped processes also assist us in building accurate time estimates so we can deliver on time and about expectations.


Information collected through client meetings, user groups, and market research or stakeholder interviews is utilized by Ashworth Creative to develop an outline of content, to build wire frames and to outline goals. At each stage of this process, Ashworth Creative presents it to the client for approval before taking the next step. Our clients are encouraged to take part in our creative processes. Not only do we want to communicate what we do, but why we do it. We keep open lines of communication and you’ll never feel left in the dark about the projects that are so important to your business.


The creative process is the stage where problems are addressed. Mood boards developed by Design Discovery and exploration stages define the art directions. This work is created in a series, with each concept representing solutions to problems outlined in previous stages.


Production is marked by the presentation of proofs. It is this process that final copy is being set, addressing every element of the approval design – text, graphics, photos, colors – and executing technically appropriate media. At this point text is typeset into layout: graphics are created and conditioned for print or web placement: photos are shot, scanned, downloaded, or retouched: color palettes are built or specified.

The client reviews and approves each process. Corrections and changes are made until the submission for the entire project is approved for completion.

Testing – Client Training

Ashworth Creative is experienced in running focus groups and user groups to establish the audience response to multiple solutions and test what we have developed. Testing can be a very power tool if done correctly.


Three months after your brand or web site is launched, Ashworth Creative would like to review what’s working with you and what is not.

Client Support

You’re not just another client to us. You become part of Ashworth Creative and we become a part of your business. We believe in what you do and will strive to make sure you believe in us as well. Furthermore, we’ll be there for your fundraisers, campaigns and other events to show support for everything that is your business.

We’re Different

Really, we are. Our expertise springs from how uniquely qualified our team is. We understand our clients, who are just as varied as we are. We provide a full range of services from a full range of personalities. Good luck finding another agency as interesting – and talented – as we are!