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We formulate creative solutions that focus on our client’s specific goals. We can provide you with everything you need, not just what you need right now. We think long term. You will have us there for the whole ride and you’ll enjoy it as much as we will. If you really need to know who the leaders are, their credentials and their thought process, then here they are. Warning! This may not be for the faint of heart.

Eve Ashworth

President and CEO

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Photo of Eve Ashworth

Eve Ashworth graduated in 1994 from King Edward VI College in Warwickshire, England. With a degree in Communications, she worked as a marketing coordinator for Ultradent Products Inc., managing the Institutional Sales Department and effectively facilitating the world’s biggest tooth-whitening product into 52 U.S. dental schools and 16 international schools. In 2001, Eve worked alongside Isaac to develop Ashworth Design, which evolved into Ashworth Creative. Design — our earliest focus and love — is now a service, along with Web development, media buying, photography, video production and others.Connect with Eve on LinkedIn

Isaac Ashworth

Art Director

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Photo of Isaac Ashworth

Isaac Ashworth received a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Utah. After interning at Pentagram, and upon graduation, he gained a full-time position at Paul Hardy Design. Ashworth Creative is the brainchild of Isaac and his wife, Eve. As the principal of Ashworth Creative, Isaac oversees all the design elements of every project, collaborating daily with Ashworth Creative photographers, production artists and Web developers to ensure the integrity of each Ashworth design. He is a member of the AIGA, the professional association for design.

Phillippa Ewing

Marketing Strategist

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Photo of Phillippa Ewing

Phillippa Ewing is an award-winning copywriter and creative director, who has worked internationally for McCann-Erikson, and Ogilvy & Mather on Coca-Cola in Australia, Avon Products for Europe, Côte D’Or Chocolates in Belgium, Lancôme Perfumes in France, and Martini & Rossi Vermouths for Europe and on projects in Africa and the Middle East. She created campaigns for distinguished UK museums and institutions including the Tate Gallery, the Royal Academy, and the National Portrait Gallery. Moving to the Hudson Valley, she created awareness campaigns for The Body Shop in Canada to end violence against women and child poverty, winning awards from Canadian Parliament and the United Nations. Her first fund-raising campaign for Williams College Alumni Fund generated $4.6 million. Phillippa has served as Director of Development & Grants at the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, and as project director of Historic Hyde Park, a public private partnership. Phillippa’s experience covers most product areas and non-profit needs. Yet each new project gets her as excited as though it were her first. Connect with Phillippa on Linked In.

Jim Fenner

Digital Strategist

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Photo of Jim Fenner

Jim Fenner is a graduate of Northwestern University and Columbia University’s Teachers College. He brings with him over a decade of experience working in an extensive variety of fields ranging from education to digital and print publishing to editorial writing to design to higher ed marketing software. Jim’s approach to Digital Strategy at Ashworth is to combine great, creative thinking with tech solutions that make life easy and help businesses grow.

As a Hudson Valley native, Jim is proud to have grown up with the best our area has to offer—chief amongst them a two-decade consecutive streak seeing Tyrone the Terrible win the Potbelly Pig Races at the Dutchess County Fair. In his spare time, Jim shreds his guitar, plays a LOT of hide and seek with his kids, concocts ill-advised schemes for backyard projects, and torments his wife with surprise fish-tank purchases. His work at Ashworth makes him unreasonably happy. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Tracy Dwyer

Graphic Designer & Project Manager

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Photo of Tracy Dwyer

Tracy claims she got into graphic design because she had no desire to be a starving artist. She graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BFA, concentration in Graphic Design and a couple of years later earned a Web Design Certificate from Boston University’s Center of Digital Imaging Arts in Washington DC. Tracy has an unusual combination of left brain and right brain skills that enable her to create front end designs and execute back end development and coding. She can also draw – she was a Store Artist for Whole Foods Market, and has painted murals in offices and private homes.

As a Senior Designer Tracy specialized in higher education admissions marketing at Spectrum/Liaison and now brings her large suitcase of skills to Ashworth Creative. Besides art, cooking and baking give her great pleasure, and she can justify this through her equal passion for hiking, biking, rock climbing and camping. Tracy’s earliest art related memory was, age 6, winning a Father’s Day coloring contest for J.C. Penney. Her dad still wears the shirt she won from that contest to this day. This proves that Tracy’s father watches his diet AND that you can get to be a successful artist by coloring inside the lines.

Ken Newman

Web Developer

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Photo of Ken Newman

Ken Newman started building websites in back in high-school, when GeoCities was still a thing. He loves math and philosophy, politics and video games. He favors Marvel over DC, and Nintendo over Sega. Ken has been building on WordPress since 2008, and has a publicly released plugin available. When he’s not working, he loves spending time with his wife and children.

Kevin Newman

App Maker Extraordinaire

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Photo of Kevin Newman

Kevin Newman brought to Ashworth Creative his 16+ years of problem solving on the bleeding edge of web and mobile application development. From PHP (and LAMP) to Flash, WordPress to Node.js, Meteor.js and React.js, and others along the way, Kevin is never afraid to have and share an opinion and engage with each community and their leaders, or to share his robust experience addressing real client needs. He has delivered dozens of successful sites, microsite, and complete full stack web applications and experiences with an array of different problems to solve. Kevin challenges himself to produce the slickest, smoothest interfaces that run on emergent platforms, robust custom e-commerce solutions, and apps that scale from desktop, to mobile, or which integrate with all the social networks. A karate aficionado, Kevin occasionally leads the web team challenge sessions involving 20 pushups at a time and a certain amount of groaning.

Renee Thalrose


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Karen Richardson

Office Manager

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Toby Ashworth

Team Mascot

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Photo of Toby Ashworth

Woof. Woof woof woof. Woof.