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Apr 05 Small Businesses Get Social

2 By Ashworth Creative

A couple of weeks ago, we explored how small businesses utilize their websites. Now, Postling and Mashable have conducted a study on how small businesses utilize social media.

According to the study, not surprisingly, Twitter and Facebook are the social networks most used by small businesses, with 78% utilizing Twitter and 75% Facebook. Twitter and Facebook usage is followed by LinkedIn, but at only 30%, with WordPress at 22%, Flickr at 13%, Tumblr at 11%, and Blogger at 10%. Obviously, Twitter and Facebook are the most used by a long shot. Similarly, Twitter and Facebook account for 97% of comments received across all platforms, so engagement is high, perhaps explaining their popularity. While Twitter drove the most comments, Facebook drove the most click-throughs on shared links.

See the infographic below for all of the findings from the study.

Small Businesses + Social Media Use

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